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Dr. Rifkin treats nail fungus with an infrared pulsed laser. The laser irradiates nail fungus by heating up the nail bed, thus killing  bacterial/fungal infections.

Nail fungus is a chronic infection that affects 7–10% of the U.S. population and can have serious consequences for the elderly, diabetics, and immunocompromised individuals

You may experience a slight warming sensation during treatment, but patients rarely report any discomfort or pain.

Treatment takes approximately one half hour.

Important Information:

  • Prior to treatment remove all nail polish.  Nails must be clean and dry.    After treatment nail polish can be reapplied.
  • You cannot be on antibiotics.
  • You cannot be pregnant.
  • If your nails are very thick, we recommend filing them down.  This will allow the laser to penetrate more easily.

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